Penny Palabras – Episode 04: Disappearing Acts

Penny Palabras coverThree words:  Shit gets real.

Not the most clever assessment, nor the most original, but it really fits this.

James B. Willard and Patrick K. Beavers continue to impress and amaze.

The plot thickens, someone we’ve come to appreciate over the series so far will leave us, and the 24-page format continues to be milked for all it’s worth.

As ever, the issue ends on a cliffhanger that leaves you — even if only for a moment — contemplating just how much you need that immortal soul thing you have laying around and if the authors would accept it in exchange for the rest of the story, or at least as a down payment on what comes next.

The story continues to be a bit dark, spooky, and heavily dosed with WTF (a good WTF, but WTF nonetheless).  It’s not for everyone.  If you’re an Archie’s fan, borrow a copy from a friend first or something to be sure you want to drop your $3, but otherwise I feel it’s very much worth the read.


Okay, maybe no review this week.

Blame it on NaNoWriMo. I’m stuck in one of my novels and am hoping participating might force me past the writer’s block.

Another of our reviewers is participating too.

We’ll try to have SOMETHING soon, promise, but maybe not right away soon. You’re also welcome to submit a review of your own.

Consider the site on semi-hiatus for the month.

Banzai Girl

Banzai girl is a fairly new webcomic Created & Written by Jinky Coronado, Illustrated by Jinky Coronado & Wilson Tortosa, Lettered by Matt Thompson, and Colored by Michael Kelleher.

So far you don’t know a lot about what’s going on, but the art style is fantastic. An interesting mix of pin-up, manga, and late eighties/early nineties Marvel comics.

There’re three story lines being old. One is of the life and adventures of the central character, Jinky, who is deliberately modelled after the author/illustrator and her friends who are reasonably normal teenagers who are concerned with shopping, school, and so on. At least until strange monsters start possessing people and attacking them. Secondly, there’s a fantasy story, of a princess (who is Jinky), that somewhat parallels and even somewhat foreshadows Jinky’s real life in the little bit of it we’ve seen so far. And finally there’s freedom fighter Jinky from some high-tech far future where she battles monsters similar to those that have shown themselves in Jinky’s real life (except that in that freedom fighter dream world they wear high tech battle armour). And of course they do all tie together as Real Life Jinky’s strange, recurring dreams.

I will say that, right now, early on, the story is a little hard to follow, but it’s looking to resolve itself.

The only real criticism I’ve got is that, occasionally, they might want to proofread a little better. A couple of missing words in dialogue, easily figured out, and one verb tense error. Honestly though, the number-of-errors to number-of -words-so-far ratio is nothing compared to some big named comics I’ve read of late and certainly of several actual books.

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