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Sometimes you just have to get ahold of us for something other than submitting a review or a query to be reviewed.  Maybe we grossly misspelt someone’s name, or you hate our guts because — damnit — Twilight is not the single most loathsome bit of narrative in the history of human speech, it’s Fifty Shades, now go back and fix it!

How then does one do this?

Well, you can simply follow the reviewers’ gravatars and see if they’ve some personal means of contact.  This is your first best choice if you want to reach one of us directly.

If, however, you just want to compliment/berate the site itself to no one in particular, or just have a general question to the first person to see it this is the place to be.

Below is a finely crafted form (we like forms because spammers hate forms.  Spammers like email addresses, we therefore don’t like email addresses — we think spammers should all be shoved like sardines into a leaky spacecraft and launched into the sun) if you utilise it we will get it and address your question, concern, pleas that we father (or mother) your child, etc.

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