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Under the Light of Vega • J. Henry Dowd (claimed)
Millionaire • Kasim Kaey
Unheard Of • Seth Hammons
FirstWorld Problems in an Age of Terrorism and Enniu • Dominic Peloso
Kingdom of Heroes • Jay Phillips
Under A Withering Sun • Chaka Heinze
A Winged Thing, and Holy • Mary Gray Kaye
Fallen Hero • G J Griffiths
Bend Me, Shape Me • Debra R. Borys
That Sadie Thing and other stories • Annalisa Crawford
Tatvan, a short story collectionMichael Filimowicz
Beyond the Cave: A Novel • Orion Gaudio
Marty Boggs and The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb • M.T. Acquaire (Matthew/Tanya Acquaire)
Oblivion • Francois Soriano
Fear Week • Andrew McBurnie
Quest • Laura Masciarelli
Once in a Blue Moon • Ken Ping
Hippie Drum • Jnana Hodson
Awakening Colors • Ritu K. Gupta
Bones of My Brother • J. Frank Dunkin
Yellow Fever (Or Why American Men Have Better Sex in Canada) • Gannon Vries
The Man Who Lived at the End of the World • Robert Davies
The WatchmanMatt Langford
Diary of a Heretic • Kathleen Maher
Murder at Eastern Columbia • Christopher Geoffrey McPherson
Frostwalker • Brandon Luffman
Origin of the Sphinx • Raye Wagner
Memphis Rain • Jennifer Cie
The Foundlings• R.M. Garcia
The Wide Awake Loons• Katherine Holmes
Apotheosis • Ross Friedman
Killing Matt Cooper • John Cassian
Poisoned Waters• Ermisenda Alvarez
DOG AND BUTTERFLY  letters home • John Philip Riffice
Ocean City Lowdown• Kim Kash
Squirrels & Puppies: Dark Morality Tales • Russell A. Mebane
Vegan Zombie Apocalypse • Wol-vriey
Otherwise Engaged • Nicole Green
Strange Metamorphosis • Paul C.R. Monk
The Last Stonestepper • Elliott Logan
The Prophecy • Stacey T. Hunt
Anytime Soon • Susan Hanshaw
The Trashcan Opera Society • Marc M. McVey
Yet Another SE(Story of an Indian Software Engineer) • Simon Saha
Antioch• William E. Harlan
Fallen Angel • Kaleb Quist
The Leap Year Boy • Marc Simon
Food Therapy • Nocomus Columbus
Saving the Planet & Stuff • Gail Gauthier
Daddy Was a Punk Rocker • Adam Sharp
Dogs Aren’t Men • Billi Turner
Travel To The G-Spot • Steve Cohen
Win No Matter What • Nihar Suthar
Deneb • Pearson Moore
False Idols and Other Short Stories • Tony LaRocca
The Captain’s Door • C.S. Houghton
The Survivors • Daniel Harvell
A Dinosaur Ate Your Alien: A Tale of Cavemen in Space • Parker Moose
Spawning Gray • C.R. Reardon
A Message From The Spartacist League • G. A. Southern
The Promise of the Child • Thomas Toner
Wise Man – The Colonization of South Carolina Through the Eyes of a Beloved Old Father • James Freeman
The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space (NOT erotica) • Brian Sfinas
The Trouble With Rane • Robert Beacham
Von Weizsacker’s Diary • Jacques Evans
HAVANA QUEEN • James Bruno
Dragontamer’s Daughters • Kenton Kilgore
Aliens Dream • Patrick M Murphy
The Book of Life • Paul Zecos
The Trashcan Opera Society • Marc McVey
City on Clouds • Marco Peel
Valley of Thracians • Ellis Shuman
Faith or Fate • Paul Hadsall
Love or Lust (Now & Forever #1) • Jaye Em Edgecliff
The Stars Malign • Loren Niva
Charlie Says • Tony
Stolen Time • J. M. Brink
Reckoning At Harts Pass • Elizabeth Macalaster
Orange Mound • Jay Fingers
Guestlist • Jay Fingers
My Sunshine • Emmanuel Enyeribe
Juggler’s Blade • Rob Ross
The Quest for Juice • Jonathan-David Jackson
Ghosts of the Void • Timothy Burns
The Invention • Jeff Villen
The Inevitable • Daniel Hope
Leah’s Peace • Sophie Dawson
Beasthood (The Hidden Blood Series, #1) • A.Z.Green
About Time • Michael Murphey
Rabbit in a Bottle • Jim Patrick Guyer
The Crown of Eldrete (Kavaliro Cousins, Book One) • Shannon Haddock
The Blood of Titans • C. Michael Forsyth
Before The Fall • Aaron J Clarke
The Transhumanist Wager • Zoltan Istvan
Shadow Play • Debbie Lampi
OUR UNDEAD • Theo Vigo
Treat Me Kindly • Briana Lawrence
Cake, A Fairy Tale • Dina Keratsis
Conversations With the Golf God • Robert K. Swisher Jr.
A Sojourn in Hell • Roberta Goodman
The Storm and the Darkness • Sarah M. Cradit
A Trip to the Hardware Store & Other Calamities • Barbara Venkataraman
Cap’n Random • Chris DeBrie
Confessions of a Personal Trainer • JD Holmes
ORIGINS • Scott Meyer
The Car Bomb • T.V. LoCicero
Dance For A Dead Princess • Deborah Hawkins
Rise From The Ashes: Lena’s Story • Laura
Don’t Tell Anyone • Laurie Boris
Borrowed Lives • Kevin Crouch
DEJA VU • D.J. Starling
Novel Ideas • K.B. Dixon
Endurance • T. J. Blake
The Searcher • Ray Dacolias
Back to Life • Danielle Allen
Eyes on the Bayou • Daniel Moore
Cross Hair ( Ttader of Souls, Book 1 ) • Anirban Sengupta
Dead Peasants • Dustin Stevens
The Infinite Within • Michael Drakich
It’s not my fault. Self Discover & Admission • Wendi Bear
Shadow of the Golden Blade • Ley Preston
Legends of Leone: The Crystal Ordeal • M.G. Dekle
Death of a Socialite • Isabel Saenz
Nine Lives by Paul Varjak by Dave Dumanis • Dave Dumanis
Between Eden and the Open Road • Philip Gaber
Sweet Song of the Siren • William Peskett
Tethers • Jack Croxall
Charred and Scarred • Joseph Kiser
The Man Rules • John Puckett
Take 2: A Collection of Short Stories • L. Meadow
Redeemer’s Oath • John Burkhart
Take Her For A Ride • Steven M. Painter
Girl Jacked • Christopher Greyson
Bill Smith Goes to College • David Stag
Nano Surveillance • Mark Donovan
50 Watts • Jasmine Zabrowski
Hers to Choose (Book 1 of 2, Cannon Cousins) • Liz Ashworth
First Aide Medicine • Nicholaus Patnaude
We are Wormwood • Autumn Christian
Desperation • DW Carver
Along Came Pauly • Chris Redding
Severed Bonds (Annwn Unveiled, Book One) • Kyra Dunst
Open Door • Christine Locke
In Apple Blossom Time • Robert Wack
The Girl in the Photo • Wally Wood
Isaac’s Eyes • Joan Seifert
Through the Portal • Justin Dennis
COMMON ENEMY • Richard David Bach
Too Much Information • David Haskell
Reckoning At Harts Pass • Elizabeth Macalaster
The Bold Investor • George Thomas Clark
Found Objects • Peter Gelfan
Sleepless (Curse of the Blood Fox Trilogy, Book #1) • Sera Ashling
Marked • Pamela Blalock
So Say the Waiters • Justin Sirois
Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods (Book 1 of the Kindreds series) • Tani Mura
Cry of the NeedleRoger Radford
Schreiber’s SecretRoger Radford
The Winds of KedemRoger Radford
Discretion • David Balzarini
Pierced • J. C. Mells
Having Fun • Simon Kemp
Angel • Sebastian Michael
The Circle Game • Jaye Viner
A feast of flesh, a banquet of bones • Isaac Hobbs
Lie • Rathan Krueger
If You’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place … • Barbara Venkataraman
The Movement of Crowns • Nadine C. Keels
The Scriptlings • Sorin Suciu
Happy That It’s Not True • Carlos Aleman
Dead Boys • Michael Penkas
The Locket Thief • Daniel Patrick
Deamhan • Isaiyan Morrison
Death and other Taxes • Robby Miller
Fundamental Problems • Michael J. Tobias
The Anonymous City • Benjamin S. Farmer
American Warrior • James Snyder
Sweet Muse of Madness • Anthony Giarmo
Deadly Truth • Tim Falk
The Girl in the Photo • Wally Wood
The Ballad of Cinderella Jones • Victoria Hanan Iglesias
The Feast of San Sebastian • Jonathan Marcantoni
Jax & Marbles • Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell
Pick-up Stix • Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell
Lost Witness • Marla Bradeen
The Dr Pepper Prophecies • Jennifer Gilby Roberts
THE END, MY FRIEND • Kirby Wright
When It Comes to Spooning, I’m a Fork • Marc Prey
Pendulum of Justice • Dale B. Halling
Margin of Eros • Clare Hawthorne
Jonny Bails Floatin • Jon Glassman
Catching the Barramundi • Rebecca Burns
Crossroads Blues • Israfel Sivad
The Last of the Titans • Darryl Bowman
Middle OnK. R. Cox
Dance For A Dead PrincessDeborah Hawkins
Life IIScott Spotson
Seeking Dr. MagicScott Spotson
DelusionalScott Spotson
Privatizing FreedomDaniel Brownell
SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor • Alexander Sylazhov
Camelot & Vine • Petrea Burchard
Legend Trippers • Michael Cahill
Remember Big • Kelly Wittmann
The Last of the Time Police (The Time Authority Book One) • Kim “Howard” Johnson
The Sons of Cain • C.W. Burgett
Garden of the Falling Moon • Steve Myers
Hang A Crooked Number • Matthew Callan
Inside Out Upside Down • Tristan Newton
Peter Simmons and the Sovereign • Ramz Artso
Canswer • B.T. Hogan
The Mask of Anonymity • Preston Malone
Mind Splinters: The Awakening • A.J. Donnelly
999 Abroad • Börkur Sigurbjörnsson
The Book of Beings: Beginnings • Liz Seach
Scratches on the Surface • Aaron Smibert
The Last Escalation • Isaac Goldone
Hidden • Lucy Flood
False Shadows • BV Lawson
These Colors Don’t Run • Andrew Galasetti
Pepe • Robby Charters
Mr. • Evan Shaw
Collection of Poetry and Prose: from Young Mystic • Evan Shaw
A Rebel Comes of Age • Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
The Traveller • Garrett Addison
‘Lifting the Lid’ – A comedy thriller • Rob Johnson
One Dark Halloween Night • John Kohlbrenner
The Name-the rarest sacrifice • Manik Ghawri
Nightmares and Other Therapy • DW Carver
What Would Kate Do? The Diary of a Walking Disaster • Fiona O’Malley
Puppet Shows: Stories • Michael Frissore
And a Child Will Lead Them • Marcus Herzig
Heart of the Raven • Joleene Naylor
Wedding Chronicles • Bob N. Boguslavski
Publisher • Mindi Meltz
Rednecks vs. Zombies • Cheryl Callighan-Barrett
The Dragonfly Door • Margaret A. Millmore
The Anchor That Stopped The WorldAgostino Scafidi
Sliding Past Vertical • Laurie Boris
Serissa • M. Cundy
Untethered: A Caregiver’s Tale • Phyllis Peters
Beautiful Scars • D.L. Johnson
The Day Jesus Rode Into Croydon • kirk St Moritz
The Execution Channel: A Political Fable • Michael McCord
The Innkeeper of Bethlehem–The Story of Santa Claus • Scott Roloff
Kill Daddy • Gerald Freeman
Irreplaceable • Phil Abatecola
Stories • Laura L. Sullivan
Dracula’s Scarlet Symphony • Byron Ravenscroft
Muffin Man • Stephan Collina
The Crowded Kingdom • Louella Dizon San Juan
Portrait of a Girl Running • Bridget Chicoine
Love Beyone Time • Bethany Claire
Madness at Noon • O J Kidd
Seven Bullets • Cloud Buchholz
The Wings of Dragons: Book One of the Dragoon Saga • Josh VanBrakle
Legacy • HR Moore
Stage Daughter • Myra Mitzman
The Seven Year Laowai • Travis Lee
The Elect • Elle Todd
Chronicles of the Morrighan Society, Book One: Kicking and Screaming • McCarty Griffin
Mrs. • Angela Castillo
Life Will Have its Way • Angie Myers Lewtschuk
The Outback • David Clarkson
Solid Rock • Sam Quentin
The Collection of Heng Souk • S.R. Wilsher
Magnolias Don’t Cry • Robert Nordmeyer
Nadia’s Obsession • Charles D. Martin
The Collector • Eva Devane
Trying the Knot • Todd Erickson
Passerby • Miljen Aljinovic
In the Shadow of the Earth • J.P. Borders
Learn to Fly • Heidi Hutchinson
A Warrior’s Redemption • Guy Stanton III
Eyes on the Bayou • Daniel Moore
Book Review Request • Daniel Moore
Rat House • David Friedman
Celebrate! • Karen Sandler, Barbara McMahon, Linda Barrett, Debra Salonen, Rogenna Brewer
Aether Warriors • Dean Ravenola
Taming Vegas • Nadene Seiters
The Final Requiem • Joe Donahue
Sex in the Title – a Comedy about Dating, Sex, and Romance in NYC (back when phones weren’t so smart) • Zack
Winter Solstice Winter – A Viking Saga Evelyn J. Squires
Power Games (Operation Enduring Unity I) • Richard Peters
Dark Flame Rising (The Keegan Crowe Chronicles, Book One) • J. A. Pedersen
The Hacktivist • R. J Webster
The Junior Officer • Judith Boswell
A Bustle in the Hedgerow • Ben Miller
Campbell • C.S. Starr
Imperfect Circles • Sarah A. Suzuki
The Son • Brent Coffey
Five Years (A Fire in Redbridge) • LM Langley
Beyond Blue • Peter Schimke
Spireseeker • E.D.E. Bell
Sword of Her Spirit • Mary Beth Young
Sakura – Everyone has a secret • Theresa Carter
The Dead Man Strikes Back • James Lingard
Escape from Iran Israeli Style • James Lingard
As a Roaring Lion • Jack Welles
People Like Us • Deng Zichao
Mayhem in Monte Carlomichael c ferrier
Aetna Adrift • Erik Wecks
Full Moon Rising • J.A.J. Hutchisson and J.L. Hutchisson
Veritas Liberabit Vos (Truth Shall Set You Free) • Rob Walker
Drift • Sara San Angelo
Monkey Talk • T. Lucas Earle
The 13th Prophet • T. Lucas Earle
Song and Signal • M. E. Patterson
The Reflections of Queen Snow White • David Meredith
House of Thistles • Lanette Kauten
Champion of the Light • David Castleton
The Doom Murders • Brian O’Hare
The Last Guardian and the Keeper of the Magi • Ashland Menshouse
Desolation Run • James Snyder
The Great Scheme of Things • J.M. Black
Oiorpata (The Thriller) • Richard Ferguson
Forbidden • Salem Kane
The Transmigration of Cora Riley • Ellie Di Julio
Please Laugh at my Funeral • Kole McRae
Olivia, Mourning • Yael Politis
Dissolution • Roger Ruffles
Project Lullaby • T.L. Onyx
Dream of the Dead • M. G. Scarsbrook
Plaster Scene • Michael J Holley
Gluttony (The Spider Mushroom Quest, Book One) • Dawn Marshallsay
Valley of Saint Anne • Dave Gioia
Himba Pond Dance • Dave Gioia
BANISHED LOVE • Ramona Flightner
Backstage Pass • Felina Dark
The Bracelet – A Novel of Life, Sorrow, and Love • C.A. Deslauriers
The Mustache He’s Always Wanted but Could Never Grow • Brian Alan Ellis
Publicist • Jen Talty
KICKIN’ IT • Harry Field
The Seventeen Commandments of Jimmy September • S.R. Wilsher
Ethriel: Blood Bonds • Joe Walker
Bourbon & Blood • Garrard Hayes
Just Like a Musical • Milena Veen
The Money Tree • helen yeomans
Weeks in Naviras • Chris Wimpress
Marcuria’s End • Joshua Steelman
Politics by Other Means • Adam Fitchett
Put Me Back Together • Lola Rooney
Waking Dreams: The Torment of Colin Pierce • JD Kaplan
A Certain Kind of Freedom: Stories and Poems from The Writer’s Drawer • Various Authors
The Loving Husband and the Faithful Wife (plus The Debt) • Kit Power
Henry’s Re-entry • Welcome Cole
Valerie’s Retreat • Joseph Rinaldo
ApartFrom • Constance A. Dunn
23 Hours • Kevin Riley
The Blink of Her Eye • Angelica Thaddeus
The Keeper of Dreams: A Dozen Stories and Poems • Matthew Keefer
The Day the Rain Came • Meleena Erikson
The God Particle • Daniel Danser
Drive For Ed • Eric R. Smith
Freedom Like a Shopping Cart • Alex Johnston
The How-Not-To Guide To Parenting and Marriage • Jon Ziegler
Tiara (10th Anniversary Edition) • John Reinhard Dizon
The Devils’ Cradle • Darcy Daniel
The Birth of a Phoenix • Candice Snow
Rabbit’s Feet • Trista M. Borgwardt
Purified • Brian Smith
Frontiers • R. Simon Anderson
The Invisible Papers • Agostino Scafidi
Comes a Dark Heir • John Eaton
Jeremiah’s Ghost • Isaac Constantine
Confessions of a ChimpManZee • Jim Murphy
Apollyon Christum Natum • Kewalnam Christ
The Last Circle • Gretchen Blickensderfer
Feral Little Gods • Cathy Rosoff
Dark Angels: A Novel of the Future Past • Steven Fraccaro
Cerulean Rising: Beginnings • Justin Sewall
ElsBeth and the Call of theCastle Ghosties • Chris Palmer
Ezekial #1 • David Kraine
Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate • N. E. White
Immortal Lies •  S. L. Gray
The Sky and the Sea: Poetry and Prose • Kevin Johnson
The Buck Pass • trwhittier
Welcome to GreenGrass • S.A. Check
Mark of the Dragon • Bill Morgan & M. R. Polish
The Believers • Travis Gulbrandson
The Boy Devil: A Novel of Billy the Kid • Brynton Belasco
Looking for La La • Ellie Campbell
B Major • Yokow Ribeiro
Glyphbinder • T. Eric Bakutis
Few Are Chosen, K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 1 • M T McGuire
Acts if Violence • Ross Harrison
Exit Light • Jose Cantu
Sandmann • Glenna Jarvis
Interesting Times • Jack Vander Beek
Swimming Through Clouds • Rajdeep Paulus
Dogs with Bagels • Maria Elena Sandovici
Gravettian Goddess • Alexander Howerton
Mile High Volume 1David A Roberts
Grey Spaces, Book I: Walls of Stone • Jason McAnelly
An Invitation to Hitler • Bernard Neeson
Her Unwelcome Inheritance • J. Aleksandr Wootton
See How She Runs • Michelle Graves
Lest Camelot Fall • Danny Adams
Dream • Kyra Selby
The Blink of Her Eye • Angelica Thaddeus
The Holy Mark • Gregory Alexander
The Forvian Sphere • Jason Sergi
Sarnia • Hilary Ford
Thump • Avraham Azrieli
Tarnished Heroes • David Kessler
Roadkill • Leonard Kirke
Broken Land, A Brooklyn Tale • John Biscello
FAMILY HIT MAN • Mark Walker
Eternal Horizon • David Shakhramanov
The Evil And The Pure • Darren Dash (claimed)
Chasing Xaris • Samantha Bennett
Crisis on Stardust Station • John Taloni
HE MITOSIS HEGEMONY: TechnoPolitics in the 21st Century • Arthur van Kaseman
Black Rope • Brock Johnsen
Key West • Peter Wick
Bulls, Bands, and London • John Meyer
More Than Desire • Jasmin Thien
A Thousand Steps Home • Elle Bor
Running into the Darkness • D A Bale
Savior • Anthony Caplan
Guerrilla Internet • Matt Sayer
The Tip Jar • Carol George
Love Palace • Meredith Sue Willis
The Black Hours • Alison Williams
Ann Marie’s Asylum • Christopher Rankin
The Great Darkening • R.G. Triplett
The Legacy of Lost Things • Aida Zilelian
Goldilocks • Patria L. Dunn
The Bloodbath Ritual • Andrew Downs
Tattered Innocence • Ann Lee Miller
The Hardest Thing in This World • Nicole Eva Fraser
The Well of Being: A Children’s Book For Adults • Jean-Pierre Weill
Peripheral Involvement • Bob Waldner
Tea Cups & Tiger Claws • Timothy Patrick
Blind Evil • Eric Praschan
Tiptoe • Kit O’Conor
Freedom Reins • Elaine Spencer
Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold • Iain Reading
Neuri Shape-Shifter • Leigh Podgorski
Bay Street • Philip Slayton
The Perfect Game • Stephen Paul
The London Project • Mark J Maxwell
Ten Busy Brownies • Deborah DeVore
Sanctuary 12 • T.W. Malpass
Secret Song • AR Simmons
The Experiment • Cristian Alejandro Solari
The Officially Unofficial Files of Dr. Gordon B. Gray • Darcy Fray
Chasing Rabbits • D. iRev Mann
A man from Rio • Shayne Youngblood
This Duality • Aaron Tavarez
Conduit • Angie Martin
Intricate Deceptions • Jennifer Rayes
Zack’s Choice • Harry E. Gilleland, Jr
The Sheriff of Nowhere • Henry Radcliff
Far World • James Fadeley (editor)
Besides Naturalization • Isabel Chloe
Death Is Overrated • Jeffrey Perren
Origin – Season One  • Nathaniel Dean James
The Blessed Man and the Witch • David Dubrow
MAGNUS: Rising Sun • Robert Allen Johnson
“Acoustic Funambulist” • Jean-Yves Crozier
One is Come • C. H. MacLean
The Trials of the Core (Guardian of the Core) • Michael Thies
Spring Blessings • S.C. Houff
Revengeful • Andrew Clark
Nightmare Exchange • Nene Nicholas
The English Sombrero • Anthony Randall and Doug Goddard
One O’Clock Hustle (A Rebecca Mayfield Mystery) • Joanne Pence
Long Road to California • Myanne Shelley
Human • Milan Bakrania
Cloud Storage • Samuel Astbury
Sky1 – Foundation • William Amerman
Welcome to Deep Cove • Grant Reed
Hector Trogg’s Perfect World • P. A. Booth
The Roundup • Coty Justus
Revelations (Thera’s Eyes Series # 1) • Léia Kiuski
Beyond Time and Space • Paul Tchir
Death By Didgeridoo • Barbara Venkataraman
Moving Pictures • Jonathan Frame
Sunstruck • Polenth Blake
Zylan’s Messengers • Sid Goodman
FUTURE TENSE • Lisa Janice Cohen
Twisted Engagement • Sandi K. Whipple
Battle Not With Monsters • Overton Scott
Love Aced • Jamie W. Matlock
SYMBIONT • Alex D T Baker
Cursed be the Wicked • J.R.Richardson
The Cut • Peter Churchill
Carny Folk • Craig Caudill
Prophet Wacko • Thomas Leo
Across the Sabarmati • Sriram Ananth
Robert • thebearwhatcanwrite
An Education in Deceit • Eli Blackstone
The Darkness of the Womb • Rich Knight
The Smiley Killer • Julia Derek
Justice, Inc. • Dale Bridges
The Acolytes of Crane • J. D. Tew
Black Wolf: A World at War Novel • Mitchell T. Jacobs
Honor and Innocence • Glen Hierlmeier
HOPE • Robert K. Swisher Jr.
Song of Shambhala: The Remnants • Phillip White
At God’s Mercy • L. L. Fine
Izzy questions love and other rebellious symptoms • Panos Tserolas
All on Zero • Argiro Mantoglou
The Gift of The Grackle • Aaron W. Miller
Behind the Gem • Ken Hart
I AM the Other • Philippe de Vosjoli
GunKnight • Cynthia & Scott Green
A Letter From Hell • William Presley
An Angry Fix • Omar Haboubi
Under an Evil Star • Annette Ranald
Shaman-The Awakening • VR McCoy
A Trip Through Downer, Minnesota • Gretchen Johnson
Patriarch Run • Benjamin Dancer
Alynia Sky, The Beginning and the End • Ben Herr
The Code Game • J. E. Owen
Numbers 16:32  Brady Koch
Torture • Cody Alan Reel
Deadly Accurate • Cody Alan Reel
His PhD is in Hypocrisy…And Other Poems about My Crappy Ex-Boyfriend • Tayo Oredein
Six tolls of the bell and other mystery stories • Marco Barbaro
Nightfall • Ashanti Luke
Seven for the Revolution • Rudy Ruiz
The Prince’s Ex • Nadene Seiters
Colorworld • Rachel E Kelly

Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators • Shaman Elizabeth Herrera
A Weaver’s Web • Chris Pearce
Finnian’s Fiddle • Chandler Groover
The JAx Chronicles: Initiation • Jen Lemons
The Orb of Chaos Vol1. No Rest for the Wicked • M. Ray Allen
Good Sex, Great Prayers • Brandon Tietz
Thalidomide Kid • Kate Rigby
Festival of Shadows: A Decision Select Novel • Michael La Ronn
HOP – The Upward Stride, Book One • Jared Holt and Alexander Kyle
Beneath the Surface • Mike Martin
London’s Burning • Anthony O’Brien
Fatal Destiny • David DeLee
654 Perjuries: Bernard Ashton versus the State of N.C.H. Rosenthal, Part One and Part Two • Alvin Bess
Zhougong: The Duke of Zhou • Don A. Hoyt
Early Daze • Jennifer Gilby Roberts
Hearts in Exile • Mysti Parker
Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordiniare • Marcus Lambert
American Past Time • Len Joy
Death by Midnight • John W. London
The Great Banana Peel Mogul • Daniel Pym
The Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen’s Land • Paul Christensen
Darwin’s Theorem • TJ Radcliffe
Wolf Running • Toni L.H. Boughton
A Silent Prayer • Samreen Ahsan
The Emerald Tablet: A Thriller • Pamela Hegarty
Reporting Lives • Debra Pickett
chief protagonist @ • Jerome O Brown
The Magic World of Bracken Lea • Esma Race
Trigger Finger • Jackson Spencer Bell
When Dreams are Calling • Carol Vorvain
Haunted Heads • Gary Canup
Warrior Lore • Ian Cumpstey
Code Name Nanette • M.E. DAwson
Johnny 12 Steps (and Johnny Vegas) – Series • Nick Tory
Taking Control • John
X-Novo • Ken Hagdal
The City of the Broken • Ceri Beynon
Frank and Bob • Cody Reel
Bees • Cody Alan Reel
No Good • John Hope
Riddle of Fate • Tania Johansson
True’s Love • TL Clark
Vegan Vampire Vaginas • Wol-vriey
Unreliable Histories (The Written World #1) • Rob Gregson
Their Tangled Hearts • Mary DeWeber
‘Money Doesn’t Talk, It Kills’ • Richard Starks
Strange Faces• Linda Hall
Satan’s Fan Club • Mark Kirkbride
Unworthy • Joanne Armstrong
Blackout • Madeleine Henry
Deep Fried and Pickled • Paisley Ray
Neon Memories • Coty Justus
Black Machetes • Ryan K. Howard
Prosperity, a novel • Jenna Leigh Evans
Get Your Motor Running-“Kick-Start” • Paige madison
Elixir • Ted Galdi
The Forever Saga: Flash • Sean C. Sousa
The Earl of Brass • Kara Jorgensen
The Truth About Emily • Madi Brown
The Most Ferocious of Creatures • Chris Sykes
Author/Self Publisher • Jacob S. Garcia
The Will of Augustus • Karen Powell
The Sword of Agrippa • Greg Ness
The Rescue of Eden • Stuart Avery Gold
The Gift • jonathan lynch
Tomorrow Wendell • R. M. Ridley
Cheetaka Queen of Giants • Gita V. Reddy
Dark • Cody Alan Reel
And Death Will Seize the Doctor, Too • Jeremiah Swanson
The Nanosphere • E.B. Rowan
Once Were Friends • Mark Victor Young
MYLEA • Phil Elrod
Whiskey, Large • Nina Wright
WINDFALL • Colin Dodds
Set Me Alight • Bill Leviathan
Nightblade • Garrett Robinson
Aristocrats and Assassins • Steven M. Moore
The Pool Boy’s Beatitude • DJ Swykert
And Then Along Came RudySam Schichter
Self-Esteem: A Novel • Preston David Bailey
Manroot • Anne Steinberg
Few Far Fallen • William Carson
The Last Conception • Gabriel Constans
The Healer • Jeffrey G. Roberts
Black Rose • Kris Thompson
No Last Tattoo • Isabel Chloe
Mixed Tape of Emotions – A Partially Fictionalized Memoir • Kate O’Quinn
The Toothless Tooth Fairy • Shanelle Walker
American Blues • Evan Guilford-Blake
The Eyes Behold Tomorrow • Ken Hart
Imago • Jack Reyn
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Jack Strong and the Red Giant • Heys Wolfenden
Music City • Sara M. Harvey
FIRE SIGN • m a petterson
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Dead Star: Frozen Magic • Gregory Mandarano
The Second Coming: A Love Story • Scott Pinsker
The Reach of the Banyan Tree • Mark W Sasse
The Europe Tracks • Oren Basse
The First Noble Truth • C Lynn Murphy
Mary’s Law Book One • Ted Evans