How do you tell how we feel about the book?
In perfect frankness, you read. That’s sort of the point of a review. But if you want a tweet worthy short and simple then look to the categories.

Each review will fall into one of three:
Awesome!: This, as the name implies, means we loved the book. Glowing review, five stars. In fact, if it were easier to do this category would be replaced by a little graphic of a gold star. Totally doable, we know, but checkboxes are much easier. Easier means review is posted sooner. Posted review sooner means off to next book sooner. All adds up.

Mediocre: We neither loved nor hated the book. A for effort, but we just couldn’t dig something about it. The book isn’t bad, but we feel it could be better. Maybe it’s a first work. Don’t dismiss mediocre works, but if you’re on your last few bucks of book money you may want to look at the sample first before you hit buy.

Bad: This category will be rare. This means the author has no worries about bad press and we decided he deserves some. We try to find positive things to say. A book will never ever be marked bad for not being any of the reviewers’ bag of chips. If a book goes here it means, even subjectively, measuring only the technical merit we just could not feel justified giving this book positive feedback. Definitely recommend you look at the sample pages, maybe evn borrow the whole thing from a library first.

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