Staying open, but slowing down

I’ll get the submission guidelines updated to reflect this within the next couple of days, but here’s the thing:  Backlog will be updated once a week sometime between Saturday and Tuesday, due to various life things that could interfere with even that the new “did aliens eat it?” is going to be if two whole weekends go by without anything showing up.

The site is staying open for the foreseeable future, but the way Amazon‘s review policies are changing lately I may close down simply because it won’t be worth the bother; this site isn’t where the meat of the promotion for your books comes from and never will be — how many people actually pay attention to review blogs?!  The meat of this site’s benefits to people are the Amazon and Goodreads reviews, and the former probably twice as much as the latter.  There may come a day when our reviews are being pulled from Amazon or being rejected out of hand and when that day comes the site will close.  I shan’t delete it, but the forms will go away and the backlog will remain as it was.

IndieFic closing?

There is a distinct possibility I will eventually close down the site.

It won’t be tomorrow, it won’t be next week.  It may not be ever — it’s up to others.

I started this in hopes that it might become something more like a community.  I knew, primarily, that the traffic to this site would be authors seeking reviews.  I expected some, even many, would come here go straight to the request for a review and move on.  I did not expect that to be virtually the exclusive traffic flow.

Few people ever look at the backlog, certainly no one follows the links from it; few people ever look at the reviews — there’re some who come here directly to the submission guidelines and then to the submission form.

I am giving until January.  If by then I have absolutely no one else reviewing regularly then I will take down the submission forms.  I will leave the site up — no reason to delete the reviews and backlog so that will last as long as WordPress feels inclined to host it.

This is far too much for one person who has his own writing and editing to do, a full time job on top of that, as well as a family to spend time with to do alone.  I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing all the books out there, but this is more stress than it’s worth and the lack of any traffic anywhere but the submissions page is, frankly, depressing.

I’m feeling better so I’ll be getting back to my to-read list and some reviews should be showing up shortly and I will continue to contact authors for another title to read until New Years … or the site might live on, if other will come forward and not just offer a review, but actually follow through.