Penny Palabras Episodes 2 & 3

Penny Palabras Episode 02 - The Devil's Weight - James B. Willard

James B Willard continues to wow with his Penny Palabras story.  And Patrick K Beavers’ artwork is still phenomenal.

In these two episodes the plot continues to unfold.  The Straw man is getting more agressive, more dangerous; Penny’s nightmares are getting worse.

Truly these stories are without a doubt wonderfully suspenseful and end in beautiful cliffhangers that leave you feeling like a crack addict wanting next month’s episode to arrive so you can get your next fix.

Penny Palabras 003


To be perfectly honest, I’ve yet to get my head wrapped around just what in Hell is going on, but I believe this to be a very good thing — in a suspense/thriller/horror themed story you want to be feeling like “WTF?!  My brain is leaking out of my ears!  What’s going on!?”  I mean, isn’t that the major appeal of H P Lovecraft’s works?

Worth a read, worth a buy.  Even if you’re not a big fan of horror/thriller type stories, you might give this one a go.  If you don’t like them because of nightmares issues, you might give it a miss, though; the writer does too good a job for the easily sleepless.