neverworldE. Racine did a fabulous job in this novel.

I’ll start with the bad, just to get it out of the way.  The book could, as all book could (I swear there are typo gremlins that will make sure that no matter how many times you edit, there will STILL be mistakes) use another proofread pass.  That’s it.  There’re as few as 2 or 3, as many as 5 typo grade mistakes or small missing or extra words per chapter.  Big deal, no?

The story.  You start with a mysterious, otherworldly stranger dropping a baby off on the doorstep of Child Services in modern America.  The little babe grows up to be an outcast teen girl.  Then the fun starts.

I love the very creative Neverworld, a world where fairy tales live … in a manner of speaking.  Truly an imaginative twist on an old standard.

The characters are wonderful.  Sam and Charlie are endearing enough to make you want them to succeed and to be all right.  Captain Jones is the quintessential good-hearted and good-natured buccaneer,  Tom is the great swordsman you’re promised he is …

Is it light hearted?  Yes.  Is it a “serious work of fiction”, I shouldn’t think so.  Is it perfect for a younger reader — maybe 8-10 years old?  Absolutely.  Is it perfect for the young at heart of any age?  You bet.  This story reads well, and is not so terrifying it couldn’t be read to a small child for a bedtime story, or by an older child to themselves, or by an adult looking for a good bit of damned good fun; but it’s exciting.  You’ll devour it before you know as the narrative, the characters, and their misadventures suck you in and don’t let go.

My greatest disappointment?  The sequels haven’t been published yet.  I’ll be standing in line to get them when they are.

This book appears to be available only through Amazon.