Discount Armageddon

Discount Armegeddon by Seanan McGuire is a simply fantastic story and fabulous start to what is likely to become a seriously addictive series.

The characters are endearingly quirky and exceedingly well written, and when the action stops the humour starts, when the humour stops the action starts, and there’s a good chance that they’ll both happen at the same time.

Another reason to love the book? Two words: Aeslin mice. Don’t ask, just read.

The book doesn’t, I think, make any deep philosophical statements about Humanity, society, etc. It also doesn’t pretend to. If you’re looking for that, move along, but if you want a damned fun read that you won’t want to put down and will likely find yourself coming back to again and again, this will be a well spent us$7.

Available in paperback and eBook formats from all major retailers.