Questionable Content

Questionable Content, by Jeph Jacques is a fantastic, free webcomic.
What’s it about? That’s the best part, nothing. The correct question is who is it about.
It’s about Martin, a musician who found himself stranded in Seattle and trying to figure out what to do with his life.
It’s about Faye, the Georgian raging id monster with glasses and lots of T&A, and her issues and outbursts.
It’s about Pintsize, the AnthroPC forged in some distant layer of Hell, or Winslow the Mac AnthroPC who’s far more sensible and nice. Or Momo, the Sony AnthroPC who works at a library and keeps Marigold out of too much trouble.
It’s about Dora, and her Coffee of Doom coffee shop.
Hannelor and her various inanities.
And a slew of others.

QC is not our world, but it looks a feels like it in many ways (the existence of artificial intelligence, and high energy lasers that fit in part of the chasis of a 2ft tall psychotic PC being some fine examples of how it establishes itself apart). The characters simply live their colourful and bizarre lives and Jeph provides the window to those lives. The comedies (lots of this) the tragedies (not so often), and dramas (when things need a little shaking up).

He isn’t trying to write anything “OMG this was such an amazingly brilliant example of …” and then slew off a lot of literary this or that. He has little plan, if his blog posts and annotations are anything to go by. His favourite reply to anything that tries to examine QC as deliberately deep or much planned out in advance is “How should I know? I just write[or draw] comics.” A fantastic attitude, in my opinion, as it hearkens back to the heydays of comics, of Stan Lee’s Marvel, or Golden Age DC, when the stories were meant to simply entertain and depth and profundity were either accidental, or only what (at most) that single story arc was about – not the title in whole.

Really, for addictive hilarity and fantastic characterisation evolved organically through the course of the story, check it out. You’ve nothing to lose but a little of that silly sanity stuff and a bit of time.

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Correction:  it takes place in Massachusetts