Here we are!

Welcome to Indie Fic Reviews!

We’re new. How new? Well, we’re still looking for works to review. In the mean time we’ll just review things we’ve been reading and really liked.

Are you an author? Are you a small, indiepress publisher? Submit your titles!

Who are we?

We’re normal blokes (and ladies). We’re artists, techies, writers (one of us has a published book! Indie, of course), we’re people. We’re the same sorts of people who would be buying your book off the shelf, except you don’t have a big corporation backing you to let people know it’s on any shelf. We’ll tell them how wonderful you are.

We will try to avoid negative reviews. Now this doesn’t mean every book will receive glowing praise. More like if we read it, and we like it, we will say so. If we don’t like it, we will examine if it was our own personal tastes or the book’s quality that was responsible. If the former we will try to review the book on its merits, personal bias be damned. If it’s the latter we will reply back to you, privately, to say that we will not be reviewing your book, unless you select to allow us to post a negative review. Why do we avoid negative reviews? Because you’re small, indie press. You’ve got enough stacked against you. We may not like your stuff, but someone will, and we’d rather not sway that person’s opinion away from you. No press, for you, is (in our default opinion) better than bad press — if you disagree, that’s what the checkbox is for.

Happy reading!